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2018 conference

The conference will take place in Helsinki, Finland, from Wednesday the 10th until Saturday the 13th of October 2018. The main theme of the conference will be “Algorithms and media ethics” where we will not only discuss the use of algorithms by Facebook and other platforms but also by the medias themselves. The media is increasingly using algorithms in news automation and personification, and the press councils should be prepared to deal with these issues. 

For any practical enquiries, please contact Ms. Inga-Maaret Aikioniemi, Project Secretary, +358 40 724 1991 .

2017 conference

The 2017 annual conference took place in Budapest, Hungary from 11 to 13 October, 2017, hosted by the Editors’ Forum Hungary. View pictures of the conference via Flickr.

2016 conference

The 2016 annual conference took place Stockholm, Sweden from 5 to 7 October 2016.  Click here to see photographs from the conference.

2015 conference

The 2015 annual conference will be held in Vienna, Austria from 7 to 10 October 2015. The annual meeting is for AIPCE mmebers only.  The following document about AIPCE was agreed at conference.

2014 conference held in Brussels

The 2014 Conference was hosted by the Raad voor de Journalistiek and held in Brussels. The annual meeting was for AIPCE members only. The following Press Release was issued following the end of conference:

Independent Press Councils of Europe strengthen their cooperation

During the 16th annual meeting of the Alliance of Independent Press Councils of Europe (AIPCE), held in Brussels on 9 and 10 October 2014, the Alliance discussed its future.

AIPCE confirmed itself as an alliance of independent European press councils, that is, press councils coming from countries that are geographically located in Europe or member states of the Council of Europe. At the same time, AIPCE confirmed its commitment to continue cooperation with press councils from outside Europe.

The alliance will strengthen the cooperation and communication between its members.  As part of this development, the Alliance has established a working group consisting of the councils from three member states. For the first year, the group is made of representatives of press councils from Austria, Belgium and Kosovo. Next year’s annual AIPCE conference will be held in Vienna, Austria.

2013 conference held in Tel Aviv

The 2013, AIPCE conference was hosted by the Israeli Press Council and held in Tel Aviv. The conference was for members of AIPCE only.
2012 conference held in Antwerp

The 2012 conference of the Alliance was in Antwerp, Belgium, hosted by the Flemish Press Council. The meeting was for members of AIPCE only. Please contact Flip Voets if you have any

2011 annual conference held in Russia

For information about the next meeting of AIPCE please contact Eugene Abov of the Public Chamber for Press Complaints:

Record attendance at 2010 AIPCE meeting

In November 2010, a record number of press councils met in Amsterdam at the annual meeting of the Alliance of Independent Press Councils of Europe. Participants discussed a range of issues, focussing especially on the challenges posed by web-based media. For more information about the conference please contact Daphne Koene at the Raad voor de Journalistiek:

AIPCE has no formal membership structure, However the following European organisations participate in the Alliance’s conferences:

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Austria flagKosovo
flagAzerbaijan flagLuxembourg
flagBelgium (F) flagMacedonia
flagBelgium (W) flagMalta
flagBosnia flagMoldova
flagBulgaria flagMontenegro
flagCroatia flagNetherlands
flagCyprus flagNorway
flagDenmark flagRussia
flagEstonia flagSerbia
flagFinland flagSpain
flagFrance flagSpain
flagGeorgia flagSweden
flagGermany flagSwitzerland
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While maintaining a European focus, AIPCE has welcomed to its meetings and activities representatives from other regulatory authorities. Details of those other regulatory authorities can be found on the Members page of this website.