AIPCE Alliance of Independent Press Councils of Europe

AIPCE was established in 1999 in London and has met each year since then – in Germany, Ireland, Malta, Sweden, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, Scotland, Germany again, Norway, the Netherlands, Russia, Belgium and Israel.


The most recent conference, held in October 2016, took place in Stockholm. You can see photographs from the conference here.

The 2015 conference took place in Vienna where this document about AIPCE was agreed.

This statement of aims, drawn up at the Alliance’s foundation, sets out the core beliefs of the participating organisations:

  • that the regulation of editorial content in the media should be independent of government;
  • that media content regulation, whether national or regional in its coverage, should be based on nations differing cultures;
  • that the writing of Codes of journalistic ethics and their administration is the business of journalists and publishers, who take into account public feelings, and not the business of governments;
  • that it is not possible to operate a universal Code of ethics, and that the imposition of supra national Codes and regulatory organisations, either at the European or global level, should be opposed.

Members of AIPCE maintain close contact with pan-European organisations such as the European Commission, UNESCO, the Council of Europe and the OSCE.

AIPCE has no formal membership structure, However the following European organisations participate in the Alliance’s conferences:

Armenia flagItaly
Austria flagKosovo
flagAzerbaijan flagLuxembourg
flagBelgium (F) flagMacedonia
flagBelgium (W) flagMalta
flagBosnia flagMoldova
flagBulgaria flagMontenegro
flagCroatia flagNetherlands
flagCyprus flagNorway
flagDenmark flagRussia
flagEstonia flagSerbia
flagFinland flagSpain
flagFrance flagSpain
flagGeorgia flagSweden
flagGermany flagSwitzerland
flagHungary flagUK
flagIreland flagUkraine

While maintaining a European focus, AIPCE has welcomed to its meetings and activities representatives from other regulatory authorities. Details of those other regulatory authorities can be found on the Members page of this website.